STAR System (1) - Prayer that Matters

STAR System (1) – Prayer that matters

Have you ever had difficulty praying; wondering what to say and how to say it?  Do you sometimes get bored praying or even fall asleep during prayers?  Have you ever felt confused about why you pray to God who already knows everything?  If so, this blog is for you.

We are going to be using what I call the STAR System to guide us to become confident and productive in our prayers.   For thousands of years, mankind has used the network of stars to guide them on their journey.   With their distinct placement in the sky, this network of stars has given confidence for successful navigation to millions.  Similar to the use of stars in the sky, we will be using the acronym STAR to guide us in developing a strong, healthy prayer life.  

So, if you’re done with a boring, mundane, or even nonexistent prayer life; and you want to experience the power that comes through healthy prayer, then get ready because it starts today.

The STAR system is simply a means to understand prayer, be inspired to pray, and know how to pray.  There are 4 components to the STAR system.   Throughout this process of enhancing our prayer lives, we will unlock the different aspects of the STAR system.  For now, here is a brief overview.

The “S” in STAR stands for “Style”.  This may surprise you, but there are many different styles of prayer.  Prayer style simple means how you pray.  This can be anything from in your bedroom, on your knees, to walking around your neighborhood on a prayer walk.   In later articles, we will discuss the how and why of these different styles more in-depth.

The “T” in STAR represent the “Tools” we can use to pray.   We are so blessed within our world today to have many different tools that we can use to enhance our prayer life.  By using a simple tool like a Prayer Journal, you can be encouraged and inspired to pray bolder and with more confidence.

The “A” in STAR is for “Areas” we can lift before God.  For many Christians, we never get past praying for food, safety, and blessings.   There is so much more that we can lift before God.   As we study the different areas, you will discover passions and causes that you never knew you could impact.  You will see your prayers go from mundane and repetitive to calling on the heart of God on behalf of others.

Finally, the “R” in STAR.   The “R” stands for the Reason we pray.   I believe many followers of Jesus pray little because they understand little about the reason we pray.   In future posts, we will look at the reasons we pray, which will in-turn give us confidence to pray.

To Do:
We have much to talk about and discover about prayer.  My purpose for this ongoing blog is to provide helpful insights into prayer, as well as provide a means for you to take your next spiritual steps in this area.  Each week you will be encouraged to take a step or to report on a step you have taken in regards to prayer.

For now, we start small.  Simply pray for 1 minute before you start your day and ask God to direct your thoughts, actions, words, and attitudes.

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